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Feel confident about the health of your eyes

Essential Comprehensive Exam

Best for those with healthy eyes and healthy bodies.

Advanced Comprehensive Exam

Best for those who want the most in-depth eye exam.

Contact Lens Evaluations

Best for evaluating the healthiest and proper fit for your eyes.

Specialty Contact Lens Solutions

Best for those who require a more specialized approach.

What Makes Our Exams Unique?

Our office was opened to provide patients a truly top-quality experience with all the technology necessary to design innovative solutions to complicated visual issues.


We schedule enough time with each patient to provide thoughtful care and address all issues related to their vision. All patients have direct access to Dr. Morrison for answers to their questions and concerns. 

Each patient is scheduled in their own 1 hour time slot so that patients do not overlap or feel rushed out of the office. The yearly eye exam includes a photo of the retina and can be upgraded to include all scans for the most advanced eye exam available.

Specialty Contact Lens Consultations (scleral lenses, RGP lenses, prosthetic lenses) include all testing needed to best assess what is needed for optimum eye health and clearest vision.

Every patient leaves our office with a customized treatment plan to optimize the health of their eyes and their vision. Specific glasses coatings and designs are discussed to enhance your life and minimize discomfort.

After your exam, we will send you a link to your own personal portal on our website to view your contact lens prescription, as well as any other recommended treatment products.

We like to communicate openly with our patients. If you need anything, Dr. Morrison is available directly via text, call, or email to answer your questions.

Online Preliminary Consultation

Best for those who are considering traveling to Arizona for treatment. 

Specialty Contact Lens Solutions

Best for those who require a more specialized approach.

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