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LASIK and PRK are two refractive surgery procedures that can provide excellent results to patients. However, in rare cases, patient may find that they have some complications after their surgeries that we can help fix with specialty contact lenses.

These complications may include: 

1.) Severe dry eye that doesn't resolve after many months post-operation.

2.) "Ghosting" of images. 

3.) Decrease in contrast sensitivity of images.

4.) Eye pain

5.) Corneal ectasia


These result from alterations to the cornea. Whenever the shape of the cornea is changed, it changes how light bends when it hits the cornea. With an abnormal bending of light, an image hits the retina and creates images that are not as sharp as they could be. 


Some of these complications can be fixed, or managed, with specialty contact lenses. These are lenses that help create a "new" corneal surface that is more regular, allowing light to hit the retina in a straight line.  This results in sharper images. 

In cases of extreme dryness that lasts well beyond the first 8-12 months post-surgery, scleral lenses may be discussed as an adjunct therapy. These are lenses that you fill with saline solution and place on the eye. This allows the cornea to be moisturized all day long and helps some very severe cases of dryness.

The best way to find out if you can benefit from these lenses is to schedule a Specialty Contact Lens Consultation. We will perform a full eye exam along with any testing necessary to suggest the best solutions to your visual issues. 

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