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 Contact lenses can use color to provide treatment for a patient who has symptoms of light sensitivity.


A patient may have light sensitivity as a result of multiple surgeries, trauma, or congenital conditions. This may cause one eye to look different than the other eye, particularly the pupil looking . Conditions that cause light sensitivity include aniridia (abnormally shaped pupil), migraines, retinal conditions, concussion, corneal scarring, and more.


In these cases, a specially designed tinted or full-color prosthetic lens can limit the amount of light into the eye, alleviating much of the light sensitivity.

Prosthetic contact lenses can be as simple as a solid color to an advanced hand-painted iris design to look as much as your natural eye as possible. Light sensitivity tints can include many different colors depending on why you are light sensitive in the first place. 

Prosthetic Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses for Light Sensitivity, Contact Lenses for Disfigured Eyes
Prosthetic Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses for Light Sensitivity, Contact Lenses for Disfigured Eyes

Contact Lens Solutions for Light Sensitivity at In Focus

Prosthetic Contact Lens.jpg

This patient came to us on referral from a well-known glaucoma specialist. They were looking for a solution to their light sensitivity after multiple retinal and glaucoma surgeries left them with a pupil that was unable to constrict. We designed a hand-painted soft contact lens for them that has a black backing and a clear 4.5 mm diameter pupil in the center, greatly improving their light-sensitivity issues.

Dr. Morrison Prosthetic Contact Lens In
Prosthetic Contact Lens Light Sensitivity Arizona Scottsdale Dr. Morrison.jpeg

Here is a patient who suffered from extreme light sensitivity due to trauma to the eye. His pupil does not close anymore and remains open. We discussed all options including painted-colored contact lenses to match his eye color. Because his eyes are relatively dark in everyday lighting, he elected for a traditional custom black lens that would block out light and "re-create" a pupil for him.

light sensitivity eye.jpg
light sensitivity contact lens dr morrison arizona.jpg

This is our patient who had complications after cataract surgery that left their pupil irregular and pulled to one side. Because of this, they had extreme light sensitivity.


Even though this patient's eyes were brown, when you are away from the eye it is so dark it looks almost black.


We are thankful for this because we were able to use a traditional custom black lens that would block out light and "re-create" the pupil. When looking at the patient from afar you cannot even see that they have this lens on. They are extremely happy and wear it all the time.

aniridia iris tissue damage dr morrison contact lens specialist scottsdale.jpg
annular prosthetic for light sensitivity dr. morrison contact lens specialist scottsdale.j

This patient presented with light sensitivity after an accidental trauma left them with iris tissue loss in the left eye. We designed them a prosthetic soft contact lens that would "recreate" the pupil. This improves their light sensitivity as well as their vision. They were able to see 20/20 with this eye after receiving this lens.

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