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True "double vision" occurs because of a misalignment of the eyes. An incorrect prescription or eye condition can cause images in either eye to appear "double" but it is not the same. Doctors can help to distinguish between these two types.


Sudden, obvious, double vision is an emergency and requires an immediate appointment with your Doctor.

When the eyes are not aligned correctly, the brain is unable to put the right eye and left eye images together. This results in two clear, but separate images. 

Those with double vision often need a prism in their glasses, which helps move images to where the eye sees them, allowing the brain to put images together once again. 

Sometimes misalignment of the eyes can be very subtle, only noticed by your Doctor on examination, and can result in eye strain that is more severe than average. This must be corrected in order to achieve comfortable vision once again.


Yes! Contact lenses can correct double vision, but there are limitations.

With soft contact lenses, only a certain amount and type of prism may be put in the lenses.


With scleral lenses, many kinds and amounts of prism may be added but the lenses must be perfectly fit to work properly. 

The best way to see if contact lenses with prism are an option for you is to have a consultation. We will measure the eyes and determine if you would benefit from this type of technology, and what type of lens you would qualify for.

In rare cases that a person has double vision due to having poor vision in one eye that is getting in the way of the vision of the other eye, there is an option to occlude the eye with a prosthetic lens. This involves making a contact lens with a black circle over the pupil. This will remove vision from this eye but fixes the double vision and allows the patient to not resort to other methods of relief, such as wearing an eye patch. 

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