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The Essential Comprehensive Exam

Best for those with healthy eyes and healthy bodies

Our concierge-like approach provides you with the time it takes to answer all your questions, offer quality personalized solutions, and communicate with your other medical providers for the best care possible.


1.    Vision testing

2.    Eye muscle testing

3.    Pupillary testing

4.    Peripheral vision testing

5.    Prescription for glasses

6.    Health Check: Front of the Eye

  • Checks for dry eye, cataracts, congenital conditions, inflammation and more

7.    Health Check: Back of the Eye

  • Checks for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic or high blood pressure changes, melanomas, retinal holes, retinal tears, or retinal detachments

8.   Photo of the Retina

  • A snapshot of what your retina looks like that can be compared year to year

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