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The Right Artificial Tear Simplifies The Toughest Contact Lens Cases

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS for Optometry Times

Dr. Morrison discusses fitting patients into contact lenses who have dry eye and how picking an artificial tear can make a difference. 

Specialty Contact Lenses: Podcast Episode 

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS for theModPOD podcast

Listen to Dr. Morrison narrate her article about fitting unique patients in specialty contact lenses

New Technological Advances in Specialty Contact Lenses

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS and Dr. Stephanie Woo, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Dr. Morrison and Dr. Woo discuss the latest advances in contact lens design, technology, and solutions. They answer patient questions at the end. 

Why You Should Be Fitting Specialty Contact Lenses 

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS for Modern Optometry

Dr. Morrison describes certain patients who have failed "traditional" soft contact lenses and who would benefit from specialty contact lens designs. 

How We Bring New Pharmaceuticals To Our Optometry Practice

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS for Eyes on Eyecare

Dr. Morrison shares how she introduces new pharmaceuticals to her patients and her patients.

The Scout Guide Phoenix & Scottsdale

The Scout Guide

Feature in the curated guide to local businesses, The Scout Guide interviews Dr. Morrison on starting a practice dedicated to specialty contact lens patients.

Headshot Caitlin Morrison.JPG

Community Highlights: Meet Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS
of In Focus: Specialty Contact Lens & Vision Solutions

Voyage Phoenix Magazine

Voyage Phoenix interviews Dr. Morrison on what made her interested in helping
people with specialty contact lenses. 

voyage phoenix dr morrison article.JPG

Introducing the Next Generation in Hybrid Contact Lenses: SynergEyes iD

Authors: Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS; Dr. Aaron McNulty, OD, FAAO; Dr. Barry Eiden, OD, FAAO, FSLS for Eyes on Eyecare

Dr. Morrison and her colleagues discuss the new SynergEyes hybrid lenses, available in both single vision and multifocal EDOF, make fitting a breeze, while the personalized design means the lens is more comfortable than ever and offers premium performance in fit and vision.

Dispelling Orthokeratology Myths for Better Patient Outcomes

Authors: Steven Turpin, OD ; Laura Goldberg, OD/MS; Caitlin Morrison, OD, FAAO, FSLS ; Brian Chou, OD

for Eyes on Eyecare

Doctors Morrison, Turpin, Goldberg and Chou discuss the basics of orthokeratology as it relates to Clinicians, as well as mechanisms and some common myths.

Taking the Next Steps in Scleral Lens Fitting 

Author: Dr. Morrison, for for Eyes on Eyecare

Dr. Morrison outlines advanced scleral fitting techniques for Clinicians to help their scleral lens patients achieve better vision, better comfort, and better overall results.

Scleral Lens Technology: Wavefronts, Impressions, and More

Author: Dr. Morrison, for Eyes on Eyecare

Dr. Morrison writes about her top three recommendations for Clinicians to help them fit scleral lenses more accurately and quickly. 

My Tattoos Caused My Dry Eye? A New Way To Look At Diagnosis And Treatment For Patients With Tattoo Eyeliner

Author: Dr. Morrison, for the Canadian Journal of Optometry

Dr. Morrison details one case of a patient and the potential impact of tattooed eyeliner on eyelid structure and function resulting in an increase in dry eye symptoms and findings.

Fitting Contact Lenses For Pediatric Aphakia

Author: Dr. Morrison, for Contact Lens Spectrum

Dr. Morrison writes about pediatric aphakia, a condition that typically occurs when a child is either born with a cataract or later develops one within the first five years of life. Congenital cataracts are surgically extracted, ideally within the first weeks of life, leaving the child without a natural lens. The child is then fit with a specialty contact lens that restores sight to this eye so that the connections between the eye and the brain can develop normally.

Keratoconus Treatment - Everything You Need To Know

Author: Dr. Morrison, for Covalent Careers

When diagnosed with keratoconus, you have a myriad of management options. Here, Dr. Morrison guides newly graduated optometrists on what to look for when diagnosing and managing keratoconus patients alongside ophthalmologists and current surgical treatments.

Dry Eye Series: What are the Advanced Treatments for Dry Eye?

Author: Dr. Morrison for

Do you have severe dry eye and have tried all conventional treatments? Dr. Morrison breaks down the more advanced treatments and management strategies for those with dry eye and what to expect.

Dry Eye Series: What Types of Artificial Tears Should I Use? 

Author: Dr. Morrison for

Doctors always recommend artificial tears, otherwise known as lubricating eye drops, ​to patients who have dry eye but there are so many options. Which kind does Dr. Morrison recommend? Here is a guide to eye drops available at the drugstore.

Dry Eye Series: Why Are My Eyes So Dry? 

Author: Dr. Morrison for

Why do some people have dry eyes and others don't? Are there different types of dry eye? Dr. Morrison details why dry eye occurs (it might not be what you think), and what the conventional and first line treatments are.

FDA Warns Against Illegal Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween

Dr. Morrison for FOX 10 News Phoenix

Illegally purchased colored contact lenses for Halloween can cause eye infections. Dr. Morrison discussed with FOX 10 News why this occurs and what you can do to have awesome costume lenses without the risk.

Scleral Contact Lenses

Dr. Morrison for Covalent Careers + Johnson & Johnson 

Dr. Morrison discussed scleral contact lenses with Dr. Matt Geller, CEO of Covalent Careers for Johnson & Johnson Media. 

Prosthetic Contact Lenses 

Dr. Morrison for Covalent Careers + Johnson & Johnson 

Dr. Morrison discussed how optometrists can start offering prosthetic contact lens services to their patients with Dr. Matt Geller, CEO of Covalent Careers for Johnson & Johnson Media. 

Prioritizing Personal Service

Dr. Morrison for Women In Optometry  

Women in Optometry profiled our office and Dr. Morrison in a new article about opening a specialty contact lens and concierge eye care practice.

The Complete Guide to SynergEyes Hybrid Contact Lenses

Dr. Morrison for Covalent Careers

Dr. Morrison profiles the complete range of SynergEyes hybrid contact lenses, profiles practitioners, and offers advice for other optometrists wanting to integrate hybrid contact lenses into their practice.

What Are Scleral Lenses And How Can They Help Me?

Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Caitlin Morrison and Dr. Stephanie Woo


Dr. Morrison and Dr. Woo, two contact lens experts discuss the ins and outs of scleral lenses, whether they can help you as a patient, and answer patient questions on a live webinar! 

Discussing The Benefits of Scleral Lenses

Interview with OcuSoft


Dr. Morrison discusses scleral lenses, who can benefit from them, and new technology to come out about lenses with OcuSoft! 

Scleral Lenses: Managing Common Fitting Issues & Complications

Dr. Morrison lecture for King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Morrison discusses the most common complications that arise from typical scleral lens fittings, and her technique for improving and fixing these for the best result for her patients.

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