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Kat S.

Dr. Morrison is a true professional and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for personalized eye care. I have been wearing contact lenses for over 20 years and have attended many eye appointments over the last two decades - and yet I still walked out of my appointment with Dr. Morrison knowing even more about my eyes than I did before. I appreciated she took the time to explain to me what she was doing and why, including showing me a picture of each of my eyes which showed my degree of dry eye. I have never had an eye doctor do this for me before! She also made the process of ordering new contacts seamless, which I appreciated. The office was lovely, modern, clean and sustainable (I appreciated that the forms didn't waste paper!) Also during this time of COVID-19, I know how scary it can be to go into a medical office, so I appreciated the extra measures she and her office staff are taking to make sure sure patients feel safe! Thank you Dr. Morrison :)

Oumou B.

I love Dr Morrison! I tell everyone I know about her because everyone deserves a great optometrist!! She is extremely thorough during visits and always answers my questions. I've never had an issue with getting responses back when I have emailed her office by phone or by email. 

I highly recommend her! Especially for people with corneal disease! It's hard to find someone in town who truly knows how to fit scleral lenses. I've been to many optometrists over the years and she is by far the best one I've ever had!

Kelly H.

Dr Morrison is THE BEST. I LOVEEEE learning, and she spent the time teaching me what she was looking at, and really educating me on great ways to ensure I'm taking care of my eyes. Not to mention shes very personable,  so outside of knowing I was in her great care, I also enjoyed my time with her. You seriously can't go wrong!

Roberto M.

Immediately, she made me feel right at home. She took the time to explain how she does business extremely clearly and her experience in helping people like me. I had extreme confidence in her from the start. She would take the time to explain all the scans she took of my eyes and how she would uniquely customize my contact lenses based on what she saw. Three visits later, I have contact lenses that I am extremely happy with. I almost teared up the first time I put on the lenses because I saw the hairs on my arm so clearly!

Dr. Morrison goes above and beyond. She would constantly check in with me via email on how things were going and provide multiple reminders of upcoming appointments. She took the time to help me get every possible reimbursement from my medical and eye insurances for her services. She even offers CareCredit for payment (a monthly payment medical card with ZERO interest). She gave me multiple samples of all the types of eye drops, solutions, and tools needed to maintain my lenses. She took the time to train me on how to put the lenses on properly safely, and cleanly. 

I am someone who has had many negative experiences with medical professionals, which admittedly has made me critical and cynical about most doctors in any field. That being said, I am confident in telling anyone who is having vision problems that Dr. Morrison WILL help you see better and make the process easy and effortless.

Christopher S.

Just had my annual eye eam at In Focus in Scottsdale. Dr. Morrison is a terrific optometrist who specializes in contact lens. I've been wearing glasses for almost 30 years and until I started going to Dr Morrison, I believed from previous optometrists that I wasn't a good candidate for contacts. I have both far sightedness and astigmatism as well as needing a prescription for reading. In other words, I need a multi focal lens. Dr Morrison was able to find me a latest technology lens that.  far surpasses any we tried previously. She worked with e to find the perfect contact lens set that met all of my requirements. I'm thrilled to say the least. I highly recommend In Focus and Dr. Morrison if you are considering contacts after years of eye glasses and being told you're not a good candidate. I can personally attest to her professionalism and expertise. Great job!!!

Michelle K.

Dr. Morrison is the best! From the moment you call and make your appointment to the moment you walk into her office you receive the best customer service and caring attitude. 

My daughter had wanted contact lenses for quite awhile but didn't think she could because she has lens implants - she had cataracts removed when she was 3. Our Ophthalmologist Dr. James Plotnik sent us to Dr. Morrison as she is a contact lens specialist.

Dr. Morrison was so attentive and made sure the lens was just right. She even mailed them to our home on more than one occasion. 

My daughter is thrilled and we know she is getting the best care possible for her unique vision needs.

Jeffrey R.

What a wonderful experience this has been. After years of being unable to wear contact lenses because I had Radial Keratotomy decades ago, I was pleased to learn about Sclera lenses. Honestly these are amazing! Dr. Morrison has thoughtfully, patiently worked through multiple fittings to ensure a perfect outcome. I personally have astigmatism that added layers of complexity to the problem. I also chose to have one near, one far sighted. I couldn't be any happier with the outcome. Dr. Morrison is kind and enjoyable to work with. I am grateful.

Alberto A.

I have been so pleased with the entire experience with Dr. Morrison! Due to an eye condition glasses were no longer working as well as they should so I was referred to Dr. Morrison for possible scleral lenses.  The whole process was explained and she was so patient i getting just the right fit on my custom lenses. Great services I would highly recommend.

L T.

I love Dr. Morrison! She is so knowledgeable and kind. My prescription has has been overcorrected and she lessened my script so that my eyes can relax. My headaches are gone with this new prescription!

Ramon S.

Dr. Morrison is very knowledgeable about her craft. The office is clean and up to date.

Margrit D.

Dr. Caitlin Morrison was more than friendly and professional. She welcomed me very warmly to her medical office. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Timothy O.

This was the most attentive medical experience I have ever had. I am a young patient who visited Dr. Caitlin Morrison after having complications from 2 floaters-only-vitrectomies on my right eye done at a well known clinic in Phoenix. Dr. Morrison went over every single issue, thought creatively about the problems, and even spent time addressing other non-surgery related issues like dry-eyes and what to do about future cataract issues I will most likely experience. I don't think I'll ever go back to another place for my eye needs. Though my issues are going to end up being somewhat permanent, it's refreshing to know there is an OD out there who is willing to address the problems thoughtfully and creatively as they come my way. 5-star experience, and I don't say that often.

Stephanie S.

Dr. Morrison was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She really takes the time to listen to what you're experiencing and walk you through your options.

Cindy B.

Dr. Morrison does an excellent job of accessing a patient's visual health and then recommending solutions that best fit with a patient's lifestyle.

My husband and I greatly appreciated our vision, immediate options, as well as a roadmap of our future vision health. Dr. Morrison allowed my husband and I to be examined together which really helped us to glean a clearer understanding of each other's sight challenges

Beautiful office, friendly receptionist, and overall great experience.

Carl C.

I was diagnosed with keratoconus in 1993 after switching from hard to soft contact lenses. A corneal transplant was then performed in 1998. I needed to wear glasses along with the contacts, eventually ending up back in a hard contact lens piggy-backed on the soft lens along with a pair of glasses. Cataracts were removed in 2001 and 2004 after which I was advised to stop wearing contacts and went into progressive glasses. I continued to experience great difficulty seeing for the next 11 years and was getting new glasses twice a year. After seeing two corneal specialists in early 2020, I was given the choice of replacing the original corneal transplant or trying a non-surgical approach. I was referred to Dr. Caitlin Morrison who after a meticulous examination, explained the advantages of a scleral lens to deal with the uneven surface of my 22-year-old cornea. For the first time in over 20 years, I was again able to experience 20/20 vision with the scleral lens. I was surprised that they are even more comfortable than my much smaller old lens. I am now engaged in a regimen to deal with dry eye syndrome. Currently I have incredible acuity for the first few hours, but then it gradually worsens until I need to remove and clean the lens before reinserting. I’m encouraged that this problem will also be solved as I continue to work with Dr. Morrison.

Peter K.

I'm elderly but still very active and was frustrated with the status quo of dry eyes from contacts and thirty yr old RK gone south. Found Dr Morrison and scleral lenses. My eyes are not dry and I have 20/25 vs 20/50. Very happy and extremely pleased.

Jack J.

Dr. Morrison is a true Professional in every since of the word. She Extremely Knowledgeable, Articular , Well Spoken and Funny.  Due to injuires I recived 25 years ago. I have been examined my share of Doctors. I would Rank Doctor Morrison in the Top 1% of all my Doctors.


I am a  "True GolfNut". I Live, Eat and Breath Golf.  This why I scheduled my initial appointment with Dr. Morrison I have been living with Double Vission since April of 1995, ( My Left Eye is Lower than my Right) due to an, Eye an Muscle injury. I only have the double Vission on a sever down gaze. This kills my Set Up and Swing Plane.   Because of my injury I developed a Stigmatism. Over the years, it has increasingly and progressively gotten worse with each passing year. So I decided to do somthing about it.  Initially I was looking to have my Vission, surgically corrected. However after several discussions with a highly respected Ocular Surgeon an weighing out the pros and cons. I decided to try less invasive approach, "Contact Lenses". Due to my unique circumstances with my Double Vission  . The Surgeon suggested Contact Lenses.  Then he gave me one name, "Doctor Caitlin Morrison".  Prior to meeting Dr. Morrison I had never worn contact lenses. Therefore I didn't truly understand or comprehend just how important it was, to be properly fitted with the right Contacts.


The first time I spoke to Dr. Morrison I almost cancelled the appointment.  When Dr Morrison informed me of the l Initial cost of the Exam/Office visit, I almost cancelled.  I could have easily saved $150.00 by going back to the Eye Doctor who had recently completed my latest eye exam. However after listening to Dr Morrsion describe in depth an great detail; why I shouldn't purchase, Over the counter/Off the shelf Contacts. I had a better understanding of the surgeon had referred me to her. So I decided to suck it up and spend the money. The Old saying goes, " You get what you pay for".  I  kept the appointment and I am glad I did. My Vission is better for it.  


Dr Morrison fitting me with, a pair of Prism Contacts.  The New Contacts have corrected my blurred vission and have made a dramatic difference with my (lower/higher) eye adjustment.  It's not perfect and it never will be.  Even if I have the surgery it will never be the same as it was. It has however made a huge diffence with my body alignment with my Golf game.  My vission hasn't been this good since March of 1995 befor my injury.   Currently  I am only wearing my nrw contacts when I know I am going to be playing Golf. I would like wear them everyday. However I still struggle with taking them in and out. In the end, I was examined and fitted for Contacts; by a Specialist in the Field, Saved Money and made a New Friend. In the future, Dr Morrison will be the Only Doctor I consult when comes to my Vission. I was asked by Dr. Morrison to give a little back story of my injuries. For those who might have similar Vission problems. I hope it helps.


My name is, Gunnery Sergeant ( GySgt ) Jack A Jocsing USMC Retired. I am also a Blessed Survivor of the, " April 19th 1995, Oklahoma City Bombing".  Due to my injuries; I have had to undergo several reconstructive surgeries. My major surgeries where, ( "2" Right Arm Orthopedic Bicep/Muscle & Tendon Reconstructions , "3" Rhinoplastys and "2" Right Eye Orbital Socket Surgeries).  I have also had several Laser surgeries due to massive scarring. In all I have had 15-16 separate procedures. On the morning of April 19th 1995. I walked  into the Alfred P Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with 20/20 Vission. Due to injuries and trama to of my Left Eye and orbital socket. I developed a stigmatism and Double Vission.  I have now lived with it for this for 25 years

Mike Y.

Very professional!

Mark H.

Working with Dr. Morrison was a very pleasant experience. From the initial consultation to the receipt of the contact lenses, she was extremely helpful in explaining the process. She was also very helpful and patient with me in teaching the correct installation and removal process of the contact lenses.


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