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Preserve your vision for life!

Dr. Morrison takes the time with you to go over all your visual needs: from home, to work, to hobbies, finding solutions to give you clear, comfortable vision to accomplish your goals.

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Our concierge-like approach provides you with the time it takes to answer all your questions, offer quality personalized solutions, and communicate with your other medical providers for the best care possible.

Order Contacts

Order online and shipped to your door! When ordering contact lenses directly through an eye doctor, you are eligible for $$ back. Learn More.

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Order contact lens solution, artificial tears, allergy eye drops, saline solution, contact lens plungers and more!

Order Eye-Safe Makeup

Order eye makeup and cleansers that are gentle on the eyes and skin. Developed by Dr. Morrison's trusted optometrist colleagues.

Order Contacts
Order Eye Products

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