Scleral Lenses

The most HIGHLY customized scleral lens in the World!


The EyePrintPRO is a scleral lens that is made completely based on a mold, or impression, of your cornea (front clear part of the eye) and sclera (white portion of the eye). 

These lenses are unique because unlike conventional scleral lenses, they are not limited to the "curve" design structure.


With conventional scleral lenses, the Doctor observes a lens from a lab on the eye and makes adjustments to the curves of the lens to ensure the lens fits around the eye properly, and provides good vision. These lenses usually have 4 central curves and 4 peripheral curves to choose from.

With the EyePrintPRO, there are no set number of curves. The lens is made to fit around ALL of the lumps and bumps of your eye for a better fit that is achieved faster than the trial and error of conventional lenses.


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