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The Advanced Comprehensive Exam

Best for those who want the most in-depth eye exam possible

The ultimate in concierge medical eye care. In addition to a comprehensive exam and glasses prescription, Dr. Morrison uses imaging to provide an exclusive look at the eyes.

Especially beneficial for those diagnosed with (or who have a family history of) eye conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, etc.


1.    Vision testing

2.    Eye muscle testing

3.    Pupillary testing

4.    Prescription for glasses

5.    Health Check: Front of the Eye

  • Checks for dry eye, cataracts, congenital conditions, inflammation and more

6.    Health Check: Back of the Eye

  • Checks for glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic or high blood pressure changes, melanomas, retinal holes, retinal tears, or retinal detachments

7.    Visual Field Screening

  •  Screening for glaucoma, tumors, and other causes of visual field loss

8.    Optical Coherence Technology: Scan of the Optic Nerve

  • Scans and photographs the nerve, checking for early signs of glaucoma optic nerve swelling, or other issues

9.    Optical Coherence Technology: Scan of the Macula

  • Photographs each individual retinal layer of your central vision for the earliest signs of macular degeneration and other conditions

10.    Photo of the Retina

  • Documents what the retina health looks like and allows for yearly comparison

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