Prosthetic contact lenses are contact lenses that use color to mask an eye that is disfigured or to provide treatment for a patient who has symptoms such as light sensitivity and double vision. 


A patient may have ocular disfigurement as a result of multiple surgeries, trauma, or congenital conditions. This may cause one eye to look drastically different than the other eye. 

A patient may also have difficulty with light sensitivity and a specially designed prosthetic lens can limit the amount of light into the eye.


Double vision can be treated with prosthetic lenses when all other treatment has failed. Occlusion (covering up one eye's vision) involves a black-centered contact lens that is subtle, as opposed to a frosted glasses lens or eye patch. 

Prosthetic contact lenses can be as simple as a solid color to an advanced hand-painted iris design to look as much as your natural eye as possible. 


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