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Specialty Contact Lens &

Vision Solutions

I’ve never been able to wear contact lenses

My eyes are too dry to wear contact lenses

I can never see clearly with my glasses

I’m missing out on life because of my vision

If these thoughts have crossed your mind, specialty contact lenses may be the right option for you!

Our Scleral Lens Specialists 

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Dr. James Schweiger, OD 

Dr. Schweiger enjoys using the latest technological advances to create specialty contact lens solutions for patients who require more intricate and complicated designs. He is inspired by his patients who have transformed their lives due to their commitment to getting the best vision possible.

Headshot Caitlin Morrison.JPG

Dr. Caitlin Morrison, OD

Dr. Morrison is passionate about designing specialty contact lenses to restore sight to those who have lost vision due to severe ocular surface conditions including keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, radial keratotomy, corneal scarring, pediatric aphakia, severe dry eye, corneal transplants, and ocular disfigurement.


Experience the world the way you were meant to.


Contact Lens Evaluations

Best for evaluating the healthiest and proper fit for your eyes.

Specialty Contact Lens Solutions

Best for those who require a more specialized approach.

Pediatric Contact Lens Examinations

Best for those who are under 18 years old and want to try contact lenses!

Online Consultations

Best for those who are in another state or country.


Patients Recommend

Verified Patient

“Dr. Morrison was friendly, thorough, and took the time to explain things. It was a great visit and I'll be back!”

Verified Patient

“I’m elderly but still very active and was frustrated with the status quo of dry eyes from contacts and thirty yr old RK gone south. Found Dr Morrison and scleral lenses. My eyes are not dry and I have 20/25 vs 20/50. Very happy and extremely pleased.”

Verified Patient

“I wouldn't trust my eyesight with anyone else - Dr. Caitlin Morrison knows her stuff and always takes the time.”


Interview with Dr. Morrison


Contact Lens Insertion and Removal

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