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Get Rebates from Ordering Year Supply of Contact Lenses From a Doctor!

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Considering your next order of contact lenses? There is a way for all patients who order an ANNUAL SUPPLY of contact lenses to get a REBATE back from the manufacturer for up to $200. 

No catch - the only things you have to do is: 

1.) Get an eye exam with your eye care provider (some manufacturers require seeing receipt of this exam from a Doctor to obtain your rebate). 

2.) Order an ANNUAL SUPPLY of contact lenses for both eyes WITH YOUR EYE DOCTOR.

The manufacturing companies like when patients order an annual supply at a time, so they incentivize you to do this by giving you money back. They also like to support eye care providers and their practices. You cannot receive this rebate if you order contact lenses through an online distributor like 1-800-CONTACTS, etc.

3.) Show receipt of purchase (and proof of eye exam, if needed) and submit for rebate online. 

4.) Receive $$ in the mail! 

Here are the links for each manufacturer so you can order from your eye doctor and get that money back! 




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