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Custom Soft Lenses for Keratoconus

Did you know that there are specialty soft contact lenses available for those with keratoconus?

Contact lenses are a great option for those with keratoconus because the tear film between your cornea and the lens can mask a lot of the condition and create a "new" corneal surface with the lens that helps you see more clearly.

Most patients with keratoconus wear contact lenses made of a rigid (or "hard" material). These can be RGP lenses, hybrid lenses, or scleral lenses.

In some, usually mild, cases, patients with keratoconus are able to see well with custom soft contact lenses. Instead of being "commercially available," these lenses are specially designed to the measurements of each patient and ordered by your eye Doctor. The thickness of the lens helps to minimize irregularities in the cornea, something often experienced by those with keratoconus.

Patients who have most of their "thinning" inferior to their pupil, will have better central vision than others with keratoconus who have central corneal thinning. The best way to understand how keratoconus is affecting your vision is to have a specialty consultation with your eye doctor.

This long-time patient of our was fit with NovaKone lenses providing them clear, 20/20 vision. The NovaKone lens is made out of a completely soft material.

This image shows the lens on the eye The lens is dyed yellow slightly from a dye that Dr. Morrison uses in the office. It is a special dye that does not permanently change the color of soft lenses. Notice how large the lens is compared to most conventional soft lenses, which usually only cover the iris (the colored part of the eye).

This image shows a picture of when we shine a blue light onto the dye and it turns green. The green signifies the tear film under the lens which is evenly distributed. There are no spots where the lens is touching the eye and rubbing, which causes irritation and scarring. This type of even distribution is what we are aiming for with all specialty lenses.

This patient ordered new lenses and will be back in six months for their regularly-scheduled follow up!

Questions? Contact us here. Schedule a consultation here.

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