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COVID-19 Pandemic & Contact Lens Wear. Is It Safe?


All the current research and reports right now confirm that contact lenses are safe to wear and you do not need to be afraid of additional risks to eye health with the COVID-19 virus.

What you do need to do is maintain the same stringent hygiene procedures with your contact lenses. This includes:

1.) Washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before inserting or removing contact lenses.

2.) Do not extend contact lens wear past the expiration date. For daily disposables, replace the lens with a new lens every day. For monthly lenses, change lenses every month on the date.

3.) If using bi-weekly, monthly, or rigid contact lenses with multipurpose solution (all my rigid lens patients are using a hydrogen peroxide cleansing solution so this does not apply to them), please clean the case after EVERY use. To clean the contact lens case, after insertion of your contact lenses, dispose of the old solution, use your multipurpose contact lens solution to rinse out the case (and lids), and put face-down on a clean tissue to air dry. Do NOT use water on your contact lenses or your cases.

4.) If you feel ill, as with any illness, regardless of COVID-19, please discontinue contact lens wear for the time being and sanitize your glasses with soap and water often during this period.

Remember to be safe and healthy during this time. Our office is currently closed to all routine and non-emergent care, but if you have an emergency situation contact us at (480) 420-4243 and we can triage you over the phone and schedule an appointment if needed.

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