My Tattoos Caused My Dry Eye? A New Way To Look At Diagnosis And Treatment For Patients With Tattoo Eyeliner

Canadian Journal of Optometry

Dr. Morrison details one case of a patient and the potential impact of tattooed eyeliner on eyelid structure and function resulting in an increase in dry eye symptoms and findings.

Fitting Contact Lenses For Pediatric Aphakia

Contact Lens Spectrum

Dr. Morrison writes about pediatric aphakia, a condition that typically occurs when a child is either born with a cataract or later develops one within the first five years of life. Congenital cataracts are surgically extracted, ideally within the first weeks of life, leaving the child without a natural lens. The child is then fit with a specialty contact lens that restores sight to this eye so that the connections between the eye and the brain can develop normally.

Keratoconus Treatment - Everything You Need To Know

Covalent Careers

When diagnosed with keratoconus, you have a myriad of management options. Here, Dr. Morrison guides newly graduated optometrists on what to look for when diagnosing and managing keratoconus patients alongside ophthalmologists and current surgical treatments.

Dry Eye Series: What are the Advanced Treatments for Dry Eye?

Do you have severe dry eye and have tried all conventional treatments? Dr. Morrison breaks down the more advanced treatments and management strategies for those with dry eye and what to expect.

Dry Eye Series: What Types of Artificial Tears Should I Use?

Doctors always recommend artificial tears, otherwise known as lubricating eye drops, ​to patients who have dry eye but there are so many options. Which kind does Dr. Morrison recommend? Here is a guide to eye drops available at the drugstore.

Dry Eye Series: Why Are My Eyes So Dry?

Why do some people have dry eyes and others don't? Are there different types of dry eye? Dr. Morrison details why dry eye occurs (it might not be what you think), and what the conventional and first line treatments are.


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