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What's New For Your Eyes? What I learned at this year's American Academy of Optometry Meeting

Staying up to date on current research is extremely important for my patients. Here are a few things I learned at this year's conference in Boston, Massachusetts that I am implementing in my practice for my patients:

  1. Nutrifill - a sterile preservative-free saline solution used to fill scleral lenses prior to insertion has shown to be better for dry eye and anecdotally may report subjective "sharper" vision. Nutrifill is different from other filling salines in that it has a buffered pH (meaning it is closer to the pH of your tears), and added electrolytes (like your tears have).

  2. New pharmaceuticals include drops that make your pupils smaller to give patients over-40 the ability to read without reading glasses.

  3. I am now using a high-technology instrument on my patients with rigid gas permeable lenses (RGPs). RGP lenses should have about 20 microns of tears under the lens to maximize health to the eye. I can see this amount under my machine.

  4. HydraPEG coating on scleral lenses has helped with patient lens fogging throughout the day.

  5. A new amniotic membrane was released to heal very diseased eyes.

  6. There are now interesting supplements to take for people with glaucoma.

Looking forward to learning more at my next meeting in January!

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