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What If My Soft Contact Lenses Don't Feel Right?

We’ve had many patients come to us recently who feel that their soft contact lenses just don’t give them the vision they want or aren’t comfortable enough to wear all day long. A frequent comment we hear from soft-lens wearers with astigmatism is, “my contact lenses are always rotating” which can lead to varying vision and discomfort while wearing them.

These are GREAT signs somebody is ready for a custom soft lens.

Custom soft contact lenses are designed using the following data:

1.) The horizontal diameter of the patient's cornea

2.) The patient's corneal curvature (also referred to as topography or keratometry data)

3.) The patient's prescription

All of the measurements mentioned above are taken during the patient's initial consultation. Other things Dr. Morrison takes into consideration when designing custom soft contact lenses are:

4.) How will we stabilize the astigmatism of the lens? Does the patient have scarring or irregularities on the white part of their eye? These lenses come in two ways to stabilize: a weight at the bottom of the lens or a difference in weight distribution horizontally and vertically.

5.) Does the patient have dry eye? Which material should we use?

6.) Does this patient need the lens to be thinner for more comfort or thicker because they are under 18 and more likely to rip the lens?

7.) If the patient is over 40 and needs reading glasses, how big are their pupils? Where do they hold their reading material?

Custom soft lenses are then ordered after the initial consultation, and can take anywhere from two to four weeks to be made and shipped back to us for dispensing. Do you think you are a candidate for custom soft contact lenses? Drop us a line here!

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