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Using Colored Contacts for Halloween

Does your Halloween costume include colored contacts this year? If so, did you know the FDA warns that unregulated decorative contact lenses could be a major Halloween hazard? Colored contact lenses in costume shops or online may look pretty cool but they come with a major risk: infection or worse.

Contact lenses that are not regulated, not properly cared for, or not properly sealed for shipping can cause blindness. To minimize your risk of infection, it is best to plan ahead and schedule an appointment with a Doctor who can order colored contacts for you.

Watch Dr. Morrison talk about the risks of unregulated colored contact lenses below:

So, what IS the risk of using lenses that are not regulated? If the lenses are contaminated with bacteria or other pathogens, you're putting that directly on your eye where it will rub and create little tiny micro-abrasions on the cornea - those abrasions are entry points for bacteria to get right into your eye and create a bad infection.

Remember that a contact lens is a medical device that you're putting on a soft tissue (your eye), and it has to interact with the soft tissue in a way that will keep you healthy, even if just for a few hours.

Doctor Recommendation: Instead of buying your Halloween lenses from a costume shop (which is illegal), call your Doctor to see if they are able to prescribe lenses for you, like the Gothika lenses pictured above. Pro tip: Make sure your lenses will arrive in time for the big day! There are many options for safe Halloween costume lenses that can help you achieve the look you want AND keep your eyes and vision safe. Happy Halloween!

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