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The Piggyback: RGP Contact Lenses paired with Rose-K2 Lenses

These photos demonstrate the value in meticulous measurements taken prior to designing specialty contact lenses.

This patient presented to our office with discomfort in the right and left eyes with their current rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. They are wearing a RGP in the right eye and an RGP with a soft contact lens under (what is referred to as a "piggyback" system) in the left eye.

When in the office, we insert a green dye into the eye which surrounds any areas of irregularities or irritation.

The lenses this patient was wearing are too close to the eye in the midperipheral area. This is causing the lens to rub the front of the eye and cause the cells on the front of the eye to rub off. This is quite severe in the right eye. You can also see an area of inflammation in the right eye that surrounds the area of irritation.

We discussed all the options for this patient including scleral lenses which do not touch the cornea, as well as re-fitting them into a RGP lens that is more suited to the shape of their eye (the Rose-K2 lens).

They enjoyed the ease of insertion and removal of their Rose-K2 lenses and decided to be refit. We were happy with the look of these lenses in the office and will see the patient back for dispensing of the new lenses.

RGP contact lens in infrared light

RGP contact lens in infrared light

RGP contact lens in infrared light

RGP contact lens in infrared light

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