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Specialty Contact Lens Supplies That Just Make Sense

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Every specialty contact lens wearer knows the saga of supplies - we gotta have them and when we find really useful ones, we stock up. Here's what we are loving right now:

The PROSE cleaning and storage case found at The Dry Eye Shop is a must for those with larger scleral lenses. Designed for scleral lenses larger than 16mm and up to 22mm in diameter, this case can handle the largest of lenses with ease. It can also be used with Clear Care and other hydrogen peroxide-based systems - just make sure to remove the catalyst disk from your Clear Care case and drop it in the PROSE case. Like other lens cases, it's recommended to replace them every three months.

Tangible Clean has been a clear patient favorite these past few months, This multi-purpose contact lens solution cleans, rinses, disinfects, stores, and conditions your contact lenses and is compatible for use with any contact lens including RGP, scleral, hybrid, and soft. This is great for people with mold- or scan-based sclerals, for those who wear sclerals with Hydrapeg, and for those who piggyback contact lenses. We've had feedback that using Tangible Clean increases comfort and the length of time patients can wear their lenses and that it is a solid product for maintaining the Hydra-PEG coating on scleral lenses. Purchase online or let us know you'd like a subscription and we'll sign you up!

Microfiber towels are *very* handy to have during insertion and removal. The first step to inserting or removing contact lenses is to wash your hands, and using these towels to dry your hands before inserting/removing your lenses will ensure that your lens stays fuzz- and fiber-free. Paper products or terry cloth could leave small fibers on your fingers, which could then transfer to your lens as you put it in your eye. We also love that they are reusable! Wash them and use them again and again.

What are your favorite specialty contact lens supplies? Let us know here!

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