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Keeping sclerals debris-free

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Scleral lens wearers will commonly call us about a "gritty" feeling on their lenses, usually after they've been wearing them for a few months after receiving their final fitting. In our experience, this is usually due to missing steps in the daily cleaning process, which can be easily remedied. Here are a few simple things that you can try if you are having this experience with your scleral lenses.

  • RUB BEFORE INSERTION: Debris can build up on your lenses if you're not rubbing them with filling solution before each wear. Before putting in your scleral lenses each day, we recommend that you place the lens in your palm (as pictured below), and using your preferred filling solution, gently rub the lens between your forefinger and thumb for a few seconds, making sure to thoroughly (yet gently) rub each side of the lens. If you can feel the grit on the lens, rinse and repeat this step a few times.

  • DON'T SKIP THE CLEAR CARE: We also see build up of debris when patients skip the recommended Clear Care treatment to clean their lenses overnight. Clear Care uses the bubbling power of hydrogen peroxide to give your lenses some much-needed TLC - those bubbles do all the work for you! Regular overnight use for a minimum of six hours will ensure your lenses remain debris-free.

If you are doing these two things regularly and you still have the gritty feeling, you may need to see your doctor to make sure everything is ok with the lens. While we find it is usually just a little build-up that can easily be removed with a bit of gentle rubbing and deep cleaning, your doctor will be able to make sure the lens is not scratched and is still fitting your eye the way it should.

In the meantime, stock up on your lens cleaning supplies, and follow these two simple steps to keep grit off your scleral lenses!

Image of a hand holding a scleral lens in the palm of the hand, pouring insertion liquid on the lens to gently rub any grit off of the lens before inserting it into the eye.
Cleaning scleral lens before insertion


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