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How to Store Your Specialty Contact Lenses Long-Term

Updated: Jan 29

How do I store my lenses for more than a few days? This is a common question we hear, usually after a patient orders a pair of backup lenses or if they are going on a long trip and will be leaving their specialty contact lenses at home.

Whatever the reason you need to store your lenses, the most important thing to know is that the long-term storage techniques will vary between the different types of lenses.

Here are all the ways to store the various types of contact lenses for more than a few days:

For dry storage, simply clean the lenses and allow them to air dry before storing them without solution in their lens case.

For wet storage, the best option is to keep your lenses in the sealed packaging they came in; most lenses will have an expiration date on the packaging. If you have been using the lenses and you want to store them long term, fill your lens case with a solution like Tangible Clean (hybrids, GPs, sclerals) or BioTrue Multipurpose (hybrids or soft lenses), put your lenses in, screw the caps on tight, and store in a cool, dark place. Set a calendar alert to check the lenses every month to check the solution for evaporation. For lenses that are stored wet, you must change the solution every month (do not just "top-off" the solution). Take lenses out, give them a quick rub and rinse with the cleaning solution, and replace in preferably a new case with fresh solution.

Before wearing your lenses again:

  • Soft, Custom Soft, Hybrid, & Prosthetic Lenses: Take lenses out of the case, rub and rinse them with fresh solution, and soak them overnight in fresh multipurpose solution like BioTrue.

  • Rigid Gas Permeable & Scleral Lenses: Take lenses out of their case, fill the case with fresh solution (Tangible Clean, Boston Simplus, Unique pH, or Clear Care), and let sit and clean overnight. Then remove in the morning and insert like normal.


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