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How Scleral Lenses Can Treat Your Dry Eye, Cornea Disease, & More, with Dr. Michele Lee

Recently, Dr. Morrison had the opportunity to sit down to talk about scleral lenses with eye physician, surgeon, and educator, Dr. Michele Lee for her educational YouTube channel covering all things ocular.

In this video, Dr. Morrison discusses who should consider scleral lenses, and how they can be a comfortable option for those who have experienced discomfort with their soft, RGP, or hybrid contact lenses. They discuss how sclerals can correct a variety of corneal conditions, including dry eye, post-LASIK complications, corneal scarring, exposure keratopathy, neuropathic ocular pain, and more, while at the same time strengthening vision.

You'll even hear about Dr. Morrison's personal journey with scleral lenses and why she became a specialty contact lens specialist! Watch the video below to learn more and be sure to follow Dr. Michele Lee on Instagram and YouTube for helpful tips and information about eye care.


00:00 Intro

00:21 What Is A Scleral Lens?

00:48 What Is It Like To Wear A Scleral Lens?

01:50 What Are Eye Conditions That Benefit From Scleral Lenses?

03:31 How Do You Know Scleral Lenses Are Right For You?


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