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How Long Do Scleral Lenses Last?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Scleral lenses are a great investment because they last a long time compared to traditional soft contact lenses.

Scleral lenses are made out of a rigid plastic material that is gas permeable, meaning it allows gases such as oxygen to pass through and nourish the tissue of the eye.

Once you have a well-fit, comfortable, scleral lens, we check our patients every 6 months to a year to ensure the lens is still fitting well around the eye and providing good vision.

The only time you will need to get a new lens is if your cornea is touching the back of the lens and rubbing which is dangerous to the health of the eye, or your vision has changed significantly.

For people who have progressive corneal conditions such as keratoconus, or who have corneas that fluctuate more often such as those who have undergone corneal transplants, we may see changes sooner than other patients.

However, most of our patients are able to wear their lenses for a number of years with no changes due to the excellent fit and the fact that the tear layer beneath the lens hides a lot of the noticeable prescription changes!

To learn more, visit our page that talks all about scleral lenses!

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