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High-Order Aberration: The Next Frontier in Customizing Contact Lenses

As a custom contact lens specialist, I am always on the lookout for new technologies that can help my patients achieve the best possible vision. One such technology is the Higher Order Aberration (HOA) xwave machine by Ovitz, which is revolutionizing the way we diagnose and treat vision problems. Learn more about how it can help you or your patients below.

What is HOA?

Higher-order aberrations are imperfections in the eye's optics that cannot be corrected with traditional glasses or contact lenses. These aberrations can cause symptoms such as glare, halos, and poor contrast sensitivity, particularly in low-light conditions.

HOA machines like the one developed by Ovitz use advanced wavefront technology to measure the higher-order aberrations in a patient's eye. This technology allows eye care professionals to create a detailed map of the patient's eye and identify areas of aberration that need to be corrected.

Night vision with astigmatism

What can HOA do to help patients?

The HOA xwave machine allows eye care professionals to design customized lenses that correct for higher-order aberrations, providing patients with sharper and clearer vision. By identifying and correcting for these aberrations, patients can experience improved contrast sensitivity, reduced glare and halos, and better visual acuity overall.

HOA technology is particularly helpful for patients with ocular surface conditions, such as keratoconus or dry eye, as these conditions can cause higher-order aberrations. Customized lenses created with the help of HOA technology can be a game-changer for these patients, providing them with improved vision and a better quality of life.

What types of patients benefit from HOA?

HOA technology can benefit a wide range of patients, including those with higher-order aberrations due to ocular surface conditions, post-surgical complications, or irregular astigmatism. Patients with larger pupils may also benefit from HOA technology, as larger pupils tend to cause more higher-order aberrations. In addition, athletes and other individuals with high visual demands may benefit from HOA technology. Customized lenses created with the help of HOA machines can provide them with a competitive edge, allowing them to perform at their best and achieve their goals.

How does adding HOA impact the fitting process?

Adding HOA to lenses doesn't do much to the fitting process for the patient. The time frame for revisions is the same, and there is one added eye test during the initial consultation. Patients may need to be seen a few hours apart for the dispensing- once to take measurements with lenses on and then to re-measure after they've settled on the eyes - but that has not proven to be a problem with our patients so far.

So far, the HOA machine by Ovitz is proving to be a groundbreaking technology that is changing the way we diagnose and treat vision problems at In Focus. By identifying and correcting for higher-order aberrations, we are providing patients with improved visual acuity and reduced glare and halos which have dramatically improved quality of life for our patients. Whether you have an ocular surface condition like radial keratotomy, post-LASIK complications, corneal transplant, irregular astigmatism, or simply want to achieve your best vision, HOA technology may be the solution you've been looking for. Watch an informative YouTube video below!

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