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Have An Air Bubble Under Your Scleral Lens? Read These Tips To Avoid Air Bubbles When Inserting!

Have an air bubble under your scleral lens? Yikes! Read below on how to insert your scleral lenses to avoid air bubbles!

Air bubbles come under our scleral lenses because of incorrect insertion. This causes discomfort and blurry vision. If you leave an air bubble under your lens this spot will dry out your cornea, causing irritation, even after the lens is removed.

The most common causes of air bubbles are:

1.) You looked to the side while inserting

2.) Your eye and lens were not aligned on insertion

3.) The lens hit one of your lids prior to being inserted into the eye

4.) You didn't go far enough up while inserting and when you blinked, the half-inserted scleral lens went into your eye but created an air bubble

The way to get rid of air bubbles while inserting?

1.) Draw a straight line in the air from the front of your eye to the table below. Focus right on this area, even as you insert your contact lens. This will help you to stay looking straight ahead.

2.) Make sure your head is parallel with the floor and isn't tipping upwards

3.) Look at the black dot in the middle of the plunger to help center your eye with the lens.

4.) Cut off the bottom of the large insertion plunger and look THROUGH the plunger to the light to help center the eye.

5.) Go all the way up to your eye with the lens, feel the liquid touch your cornea, then go farther until you gently meet resistance of the eye. Gently bring the plunger away and then blink.

Hopefully these tips helped! For more tips and videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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