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Eye Healing with Scleral Lenses

Can scleral lenses help heal dry eye and other ocular conditions?

This was an interesting patient who had bilateral corneal transplants who had tried more than eight conventional scleral lenses at another office. Their eyes were very irritated and painful with the lenses and they were unable to wear them for more than four hours.

We discussed all options for lens wear with this patient including re-fitting them with our conventional scleral designs, scan-designed scleral lenses, and mold-designed scleral lenses. This patient decided to go with mold-designed scleral lenses to get the most customized fit possible.

(LEFT PHOTO) This photo shows the first time we put their new mold-designed scleral lens (from EyePrintProsthetics) on their eye. Their eye is irritated and red from previous lens wear.

(RIGHT PHOTO) This photo is from their most recent 6-month appointment at our office. You can see that with daily wear, the eye is white and quiet with no redness or irritation.

Both photos are wearing the same well-fitting, mold-designed scleral lenses. The only change is that we are seeing the eye having worn a comfortable lens with time. This gives the irritated front surface of the eye a chance to heal. With healing, irritation and redness is gone and the eye is not dry anymore.

Dry eye healing with scleral lenses sometimes takes time, months even, to see the best results. It takes patience but can be very rewarding! If you have inquiries about healing your dry eye and are wondering if scleral lenses are for you, drop us a note here!



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