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Early Morning Tips to Prevent Scleral Fogging

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Does Dr. Morrison recommend putting in your contact lenses right when you wake up?

Generally no! This photo displays a lens that was put in the eye upon awakening and then removed. The arrow is pointing to mucous debris which caused the vision to become foggy.

When we wake up, we generally have more debris, mucous, and excessive dryness. These things make the tear film murky or “dirty”. Read on for steps to take upon awakening that can help keep the debris from your eyes from fogging up your lens.

Our top eye care tips to avoid debris from fogging up your lenses follow:

1.) Upon awakening, gently wash out your eyes with an artificial tear that you keep on your bedside table.

2.) Do any warm compresses, especially if you have this as part of your routine for dry eyes.

3.) Put in any medicated eye drops - each spaced 5 minutes apart - that you may use.

4.) Wait at least 15 minutes (longer if you can see well enough to get breakfast ready, get ready for the day, etc.) until inserting your lenses.

5.) Rinse eyes again with an artificial tear (or your sterile saline solution if you use scleral lenses).

6.) Now you can insert your contact lenses into fresh clean eyes!

Let us know what helps you keep your sclerals debris-free - drop us a line here!

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