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Can I Wear Contact Lenses If My Last Contact Lenses Were Uncomfortable?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

So many patients come to see us asking whether or not we think they could be successful in contact lenses.

Many are those who have tried contact lenses before and stopped wearing them due to discomfort or poor vision.

The quick answer is YES! There are so many factors that go in to a successful, comfortable, and clear contact lens wear.

The first thing we do in the office is some high-level technology scans to assess the shape of your eye.

Next, we make sure your prescription is not only clear but BALANCED. It is common for patients to focus very hard in the office chair which tends to make the prescription too strong. This leads to imbalanced vision that results in headaches and discomfort. Sometimes the wrong prescription can even induce double vision and halos.

Finally, we will assess how dry your eyes are. We find a contact lens that will not only give you sharp vision, but all-day comfort.

Ninety nine percent of people can wear contact lenses successfully, you just need a very thorough assessment and treatment plan!

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