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Cleaning and Caring for Soft Contact Lenses

Whether you use soft contact lenses that last one day, one month, or one year, you need to know how to clean and care for them. Below, you'll find our recommendations for cleaning and caring for your soft contact lenses based on how long they last.

Daily Soft Contact Lenses: Recommended Solutions: Optifree, BioTrue. or another multi-purpose solution Since daily contact lenses are disposed of each day, you won't need to clean this type of lens overnight. If you need to rinse and re-insert the lenses or take them out for a few hours, wash your hands, remove the lenses and use a multi-purpose solution to rinse them, fill your lens case, and store them until re-insertion.

Bi-Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly Soft Contact Lenses Recommended Solutions: Optifree, BioTrue, or another multi-purpose solution

  1. Wash your hands, every time.

  2. Clean your contact lenses before insertion and after removal each day by rubbing the contact lens with the solution recommended by your doctor in the palm of your hand for about 20 seconds. Rubbing the lens removes deposits and debris.

  3. Then, rinse the lens thoroughly with solution before insertion, and after removal.

  4. After insertion of your contact lenses, discard all the old contact lens solution in the case.

  5. Turn the case sideways and rinse it with your contact lens solution. Do this with the case lids as well.

  6. With a clean tissue, wipe the solution from the inside of the case.

  7. Place the case and the lids face-down on a clean tissue to let it air dry.

  8. Do NOT use water to rinse the case or your lenses. Using water anywhere may result in a very serious water-borne infection.

Annual Soft and Prosthetic Contact Lenses:

Recommended Solutions: Optifree, BioTrue, or another multi-purpose solution

Follow the same cleaning regimen for Bi-weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly lenses listed above. Once per month, or when lenses start to feel “gritty,” we recommend cleaning your lenses overnight with CLEAR CARE Triple Action:

  1. Remove your lens(es) at night and put them in the special CLEAR CARE cage. Fill the case with CLEAR CARE solution up to the line and insert the lenses. ***You must leave for at least 6 hours for the solution to fully neutralize from hydrogen peroxide into saline before wearing your lenses.***

  2. When removing lenses from the cleaning solution in the morning, gently rub and rinse lenses with your multipurpose solution.

  3. Be sure to dump old solution out after each use - do not reuse solution.

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