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Check Out Life With Lenses: Our New Podcast on Scleral and Specialty Contact Lenses!

Updated: Jul 12

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Do you wear custom contact lenses such as sclerals, gas permeables, or custom soft lenses? Do you have questions about your eyes as you navigate this new world? Tune in Life With Lenses, Dr. Morrison's new podcast on, well, life with lenses! Easy to find on Spotify or Apple Podcasts, join Dr. Morrison and industry-leader friends as they discuss all the FAQs of specialty contact lenses.


All Episodes

Are Specialty Contact Lenses For Me?

Have you had trouble getting good comfort and vision with contact lenses? Do you feel like your eyes get too dry with contact lenses? Maybe specialty contact lenses are the answer! Specialty contact lenses are completely CUSTOMIZED to the shape of YOUR eye. Listen to see if this is something that you think could work for you!

Scleral Lenses with Dr. Christine Sindt, OD, FAAO (Inventor of The EyePrintProsthetic Scleral Lens)

Dr. Morrison sits down with Dr. Christine Sindt, the incredible inventor of the EyePrintProsthetic scleral lens! The EyePrintProsthetic scleral lens is designed by taking a physical impression of your eye with a molding material. It can help people with many corneal irregularities, severe dry eye, post-lasik and post-radial keratotomy, keratoconus, corneal transplants, and more.

Scleral Lens Fogging with Dr. Noah Seif, OD, FAAO, FSLS

Is your vision getting "foggy" with your scleral lenses? Do you get debris under your scleral lenses halfway throughout the day? This is one of the main issues with using scleral lenses but it CAN be fixed! Dr. Morrison and Dr. Seif of Contact Lens Institute of Seattle discuss how to do just this.

Contacts that Reshape Your Eye with Dr. Leah Johnson, OD, FAAO, FSLS, FBCLA

Did you know that there is a contact lens that you wear at night and REMOVE in the morning, resulting in clear vision during the day WITHOUT glasses OR contact lenses?

Join Dr. Morrison and Dr. Johnson of Innovative Eyecare to discuss orthokeratology (ortho-K) contact lenses! The lens that re-shapes your eye and prevents your prescription from becoming higher.


About The Pod

Talking all things specialty contact lenses (scleral lenses, GP lenses, prosthetic lenses) for people who have had trouble seeing, trouble with comfort, and trouble with life because of their vision. Dr. Caitlin Morrison discusses Life With Lenses because she, herself, wears scleral lenses! And like she did in 7th grade, you need to know that your issues with contacts don't have to last forever. Do you have a question about specialty contact lenses? DM @eyesplain on Instagram or TikTok with any questions you'd like answered!

Enormous thanks to our podcast sponsor, LensBase! LensBase is an easy, affordable, and compact device to help insert your scleral lenses.

To get 10% off your next LensBase, use code: LIFEWITHLENSES at


Connect with Dr. Morrison (@eyesplain) on Instagram or TikTok.

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