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Can You Write Off Contact Lenses On Your Taxes?

Did you know Arizona allows for 100% of qualified medical expenses to be deducted from your state tax return?

This includes your contact lenses and eye examinations!

After consulting with a Certified Public Accountant regarding tax deduction rules for the State of Arizona, we wanted to alert our patients that contact lenses and eye examinations (and all other qualified medical expenses for that matter) may be 100% tax deductible on your state tax return. Arizona, for example, does allow a 100% tax deduction of ALL qualified medical expenses, with no Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) limitations, even if the Federal tax return does not allow a medical deduction. The information below is taken directly from this handout from the AZ Government: 1.) Medical expenses are 100% deductible as an Arizona itemized deduction. Federal itemized deductions are disallowed if they don’t meet the Federal threshold. 2.) If you have been diagnosed as Legally Blind, you may qualify for an additional personal exemption of $ 1,500. To qualify as Legally Blind you must have the following: (a) A central visual acuity of 20/200 or less in the better-seeing eye WITH your glasses and/or contact lenses on. Vision without glasses or contact lenses does not qualify. (b) Loss of peripheral vision where your visual field in the better-seeing eye is no more than twenty degrees (most common in glaucoma patients). If you are one of our snowbirds and have residence in another state, please consult your tax preparer as each state varies and some allow for federal or state deductions over a percentage of your AGI. This post is for information only and does not qualify as your personal tax advice. You must consult with your own personal CPA, or other qualified tax professional, to make sure that you qualify to use these deductions.

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