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Best Way To Clean A Scleral Lens

Do you rub your contact lenses when you clean them? You should!

Check out this photo of a scleral lens that has come right out of a ClearCare hydrogen peroxide cleaning case overnight.

The lens is very clean. However, proteins and debris from the tear film still builds up on the lens. To remove this, you must rub the lens!

After removing this scleral lens from the case in the morning, try holding it between your fingers and gently rubbing it while rinsing it with saline solution (Addipack, ScleralFil, Nutrifill, or Lacripure) prior to insertion!

This photo shows all of the protein debris that can come off with a simple rub.

For soft lenses you can put your lens in the palm of your hand with some multipurpose solution and do the same thing.

Some people accumulate deposits on their lenses because they just create more proteins, as a result of dryness, or because of allergies. All of these deposits look different however they all need to include a rub.

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