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All About Prosthetic Contact Lenses!

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Prosthetic contact lenses are an incredible, easy, and safe way to change the appearance of your eye. At our office we fit these lenses for many reasons, the most common including:

  1. You have had multiple surgeries or trauma to one eye and now it looks drastically different than your other eye.

  2. You were born with one eye that looks different than the other. Or, you were born with two eyes that look different than the average eye.

  3. You have double vision due to retinal issues and your poorer-seeing eye is interfering with the vision of your good eye.

  4. You have light sensitivity that is unable to be fixed through any other method.

Soft prosthetic contact lenses are the gold standard for changing the appearance of an eye. In our office, the most important information that we gather is in discussing with the patient the aspects of their eye that bother them the most (pupil size, size of the eye, color of the eye, etc). Every single person is different and we like to involve our patients in the process as much as possible.

At our consultation we take photos up-close with our microscope camera, a professional grade camera, and an iPhone (it's important to look good in selfies!). This allows us to see better assess the color we are trying to match in different lightings (outdoor and indoor fluorescent). Your eye can look two different colors in different lighting.

We discuss the options available for prosthetic contact lenses including ones that have colored irises, are hand painted, colored digitally with a machine, color in the white portion of the eye (the sclera), have an open or closed pupil.

We also take measurements of the cornea and use an algorithm to determine what sizing of custom lens would provide the most comfortable fit.

It is important to note that even though we have many options available, expectations are also key. No lens is going to look identical to the eye that you have, however, because we involve our patients in the process of choosing all the aesthetic measurements, they choose what they think would be best for them!

To learn more and see current patient results click here.

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