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Hear about their success with custom designed contact lenses.

Scleral Lens Over Corneal Transplant

This patient achieved clear, 20/20, comfortable vision with a scleral lens. 


They had distortions from their 23 year old corneal transplant. Their vision was a distorted 20/70 with glasses.

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Scleral Lens for Advanced Keratoconus

This patient achieved 20/25 clear and comfortable vision with a scleral lens. 


They had 20/200 vision with glasses and severe keratoconus (72.0 Diopters, average is 45.5 Diopters). 

Scleral Lenses for Severe Dry Eye

This patient had multiple surgeries on their lids, resulting in lids that could not close completely. This resulted in severe dry eye. A scleral lens worked therapeutically to give this patient both excellent vision and dry eye relief. She is extremely happy with her comfort! 

Prosthetic Lens for Severe Light Sensitivity

This patient had severe light sensitivity after a trauma to the eye left the pupil unable to close. They are successfully wearing a prosthetic lens that limits the amount of light into the eye. 


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