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Hear about their success with custom designed contact lenses.

Scleral Lens Achieves 20/20 in Eye With Corneal Transplant

This patient achieved clear, comfortable, 20/20 vision with a scleral lens. 

They had distortions from their 23 year old corneal transplant. Their best vision with glasses was 20/70.

Scleral Lens Achieves 20/25 Vision in Advanced Keratoconus

This patient achieved clear, comfortable, 20/25 vision with a scleral lens. 

They had 20/200 vision with glasses and advanced keratoconus with their cornea measuring 72.0 Diopters, average is 45.5 Diopters.

Scleral Lens Used For Treatment Of Severe Dry Eye

This patient had multiple surgeries on their lids, resulting in lids that could not close completely. This resulted in severe dry eye. A scleral lens worked therapeutically to give this patient both excellent vision and dry eye relief. She reports getting scleral lenses as the "best thing she's done for her eyes". 

Prosthetic Contact Lens for Severe Light Sensitivity

This patient had severe light sensitivity after a trauma to the eye left the pupil unable to close. They are successfully wearing a prosthetic lens that limits the amount of light into the eye. This lens also corrects the patient's prescription!

Scleral Lens Achieves 20/20 Vision in Mild Keratoconus

This patient had mild keratoconus but a very toric or "astigmatic" sclera (white portion of the eye). This lens had to be designed to fit well over the "lumps and bumps" of the eye for both comfort and health of the eye. 

This patient has clear, comfortable, 20/20 vision with this eye.

Scleral Lens Achieves 20/20 Stable Vision in Patient with Radial Keratotomy

This patient had Radial Keratotomy surgery in the 1990s. This resulted in the inability to wear traditional soft contact lenses. 

A scleral lens provides this patient with clear, stable 20/20 vision all day long.

Multifocal RGP Lens Achieves 20/20 Vision Distance & Near In Pediatric Patient

This 14 year old patient had her natural lenses removed as a child due to cataracts. She had a prescription for both distance and near. This multifocal RGP lens provided excellent crisp vision for both distance and near tasks.

Double Vision Alleviated with Occlusion Pupil

After undergoing many surgical complications, this patient had balance issues because one eye had much worse vision than the other. 

He could only achieve relief by wearing an eye patch so we fit him with a prosthetic contact lens that covered his pupil in place of the patch.


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